I Wake Up Screaming out on Blu-ray -- Kino // Unrated // November 1, 2016 // Region A! All of the info here: http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/71465/i-wake-up-screaming/
Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01LA0M5WE/dvdtalk Extras:
Audio Commentary: Noir historian Eddie Muller chimes in with this terrific commentary that's carried over from the earlier Fox release. He speaks to how this proto-noir showcases so many elements that would go on to define the genre. Comparisons are drawn to other films noir, such as a flashback structure predating that of Double Indemnity. Muller compares and contrasts this film with Steve Fisher's novel of the same name, including a massive change in setting that helped to streamline production and restructuring the story to be less linear. Muller intersperses so many terrific details throughout that it's an incredibly fun listen, such as how Laird Cregar was tormented when sitting in on an interrogation by some real-life detectives and the response from a hard-working immigrant father when Victor Mature wired with the news that he'd arrived in Hollywood with eleven cents in his pocket. Among the many other topics of conversation are the motivations behind its late change in title, the clever ways in which I Wake Up Screaming skirted around the Hays Code, why it's worth noting how different in appearance Laird Cregar is from the legendary Cornell Woolrich, and the tragic ends met by some cast members that are presaged by certain events in the film. Muller's commentary is, as ever, quite a rewarding listen. --
Animated Image Gallery (4 min.; HD): These high resolution scans are indescribably gorgeous, showcasing a variety of poster art, production stills, and behind the scenes shots. The flipside of the case teases "Alternate Hot Spot Ad Campaigns", and that artwork under I Wake Up Screaming's original title is offered here as well.

Trailer (2 min.; SD): The last of the extras is the film's rather unusual theatrical trailer. Also included are trailers for He Ran All the Way, 99 River Street, Daisy Kenyon, and Boomerang.


This is so interesting. The Museum of the Rockies - There are 3 great photos of Victor here. From February 12, 1945. If you roll your mouse over the pictures it will magnify it for you so you can see the picture more clearly. So cool! Here they are:




It says: Caption: "Hollywood actor, Victor Mature, waits for a train at the Yakima WA depot with members of the US Coast Guard." Caption: "Hollywood actor, Victor Mature, waits for a train at the Yakima WA depot with members of the US Coast Guard as switch engine NP1278 also waits for train." Caption: "Hollywood actor, Victor Mature, waits for a train at the Yakima WA depot with members of the US Coast Guard."

he Museum of the Rockies Photo Archive is a preservation and research collection of historical photography from the Northern Rockies Region of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The Archive collects and preserves photographs from the late 1860's to the 1980's that document the people, places, industry, and events of the region.



Make sure to watch Safari on GETtv right now! Thank you to Victoria for the info! Here is the rest of the month's schedule for Vic's movies! Make sure to watch! -- Here is a great photo of Victor and Lucia Carroll at the Brown Derby in 1944. It says "Actress Lucia Carroll looks on as an autograph seeker at the Brown Derby secures the much-in-demand signature of Victor Mature, Chief Bosun's Mate, U.S. Coast Guard, in Hollywood briefly on leave. Lucia is the wife of a film fan-magazine editor, not shown in this photo." (She was the wife of Vic's good friend Carl Schroeder.)

Rest In Peace to Victor's "Androcles and the Lion" co-star, Alan Young, who passed away at age 96. http://www.people.com/article/alan-young-dead-mister-ed-star-was-96